Our Story

I believe the world needs to live by “The Code of Honor” and that each individual needs to take personal responsibility to make the world an honorable place. To live with the same strength and resilience that has guided me to never let obstacles stand in my way of creating and living an honorable life. I believe that by living life according to “The Code of Honor,” we all have a chance at creating a better future.



I grew up in a mixed-race and poor inner city neighborhood. I was exposed to many different types of people. They were always looking to take advantage of everyone and every situation to gain their fortunes or increase their street status. The neighborhood was nothing but crime and criminals, and every child born into this place was immediately a victim of the culture. There was very little chance of ever making it out of a cycle that would turn you into a dishonorable individual.


Somehow, and by some special force in nature, I was able to convince myself that I deserved better than the situation I was in. I believed that if I fought as hard as I could to get off the streets, I could become successful and live an honorable life.

I guided myself off of the streets and through high school and college where I studied to become an artist and designer. That drive helped me make my way into advertising agencies and corporate America. During this journey I found that in many ways there was very little difference between the individuals on the streets and the professionals that I worked with and for.


Very early in my career I realized that people would do anything to get better status, a greater position or increase their wealth. These attributes that influence dishonor are the same no matter what environment you are in and are the main reasons people choose a dishonorable path. I decided this needs to change.


The “Culture of Honor” brand is designed for every individual who values the code of honor and wants to be part of the movement to hold themselves and everyone else accountable for dishonorable acts. 

John LeDonne

“What I love about this brand is that it will bring an identity to the Code of Honor that we all must live by in order to make this world a great place! I fought all my life with passion for individual causes against forces that always portrayed themselves to be greater than me. Now I have created a cause to fight for, a cause that no one individual can win, but a cause that unites people to fight as one and win together.”

Creator, Owner & Believer