The Code of Honor


  1. Be truthful without intentionally causing harm
  2. Honest without intentionally hurting feelings
  3. Do not cheat, lie or steal
  4. Treat all living things with care and respect
  5. Be responsible and productive and do not burden society
  6. Be the solution not the problem
  7. Protect what cannot protect itself
  8. Defend only what needs to be defended
  9. Do not allow your own weaknesses and insecurities to destroy other’s lives or livelihoods
  10. Give everyone a chance that wants or deserves one
  11. Mentor people to be their best
  12. Hold yourself and everyone else accountable for their actions
  13. Love only what you can love and never use love to mislead
  14. Do not manipulate or deceive
  15. Do not bear children that you do not want, cannot love and cannot afford
  16. Give back what you take from people, society or nature
  17. Do not take any life unless there is no other option